Unit: The Ho Chunk Nation
Grade: 4
Unit EQ's:  Who are the Ho Chunk?  What is their nation’s makeup and how was it traditionally run?  What are their beliefs and traditions?  How have their lives and land been shaped by the American Government?
Lesson 1:  The Nacirema
Lesson EQ:  Who were the Nacirema and how were their customs different from our own?
MMSD Standards: 
Behavioral Sciences 1: Compare and contrast individual perspectives and differences.

Materials Needed:
Nacirema Articles

SWBAT: Compare and contrast differences between the Nacirema and themselves
SWBAT: Demonstrate their knowledge of the Nacirema and their traditions by contributing their thoughts during discussion time
SWBAT: Establish how their common practices are common to those of the Nacirema how the article was written to show a different point of view of their common practices.

Lesson Context:
            This will be the first lesson in a unit about the Ho Chunk Nation, the nation who originally occupied the city of Madison and Dane County.  The purpose of this lesson will be to introduce how the ways and practices of other cultures

Lesson Opening:
            Teacher will begin the lesson by explaining to the students that they will be reading an article about the Nacirema, a tribe of the America’s.  The teacher will then explain to the students that they should be listening intently and take note of some things that they find interesting, as they will be having a discussion after the article is read.

1.     Teacher will read the Nacirema article to the students

2.     Teacher will lead a discussion about what they students thought about the Nacirema, their traditions, and their way of life.  Teacher will write down their thoughts on the whiteboard/blackboard.

3.     After each students shares the teacher will ask other students if they also found that interesting and if so, did they have another interpretation than that which was shared previously.

4.     After students have shared their thoughts about the traditions and ways of the Nacirema the teacher will ask the students about what they think about the Nacirema’s
way of life.  Do they like their way of like? Dislike? Would they like to be a member of the tribe?  Do they see any similarities to their way of life?

5.     Once the students have expressed their thoughts and opinions the teacher will reveal that the Nacirema are Americans.  Teacher will then ask the students if they now see the connections between the description of the Nacirema and themselves? If this surprised any of them?  Do they view the article any differently now?

            The teacher will explain that in their following unit, they might run in to cultural practices that they might find different and strange from their own, but they should not be judgemental of another cultures practices and way of life.  Others can view our own way of life and be disgusted, we must show respect for the traditions and practices of other cultures because they do differ from our own.

            Teacher will informally assess the students understanding based on their involvement with class discussions and their shared thoughts about the article.